St Albans and Welwyn Methodist Circuit

JourneyLight - The deHavilland Community Project

On Sunday 10th April at Howe Dell Community Hall the Reverend Sue Stilwell was licensed by the Archdeacon of Hertford the Venerable Dr. Trevor Jones. It was a very joyous occasion comSue Stilwells licensingbining the solemnity of the licensing of Sue to work in the  deHavilland Project as a pioneer   minister  with the informality of Journey Light  Worship.  Regular members of JourneyLight took part in the occasion, performing in a sketch, bringing symbols of our worship and creative exploration of Christian faith to the centre of a labyrinth laid out on the floor and serving refreshments.  On the previous day at the Saturday Morning Club the children, young people and adults had been busy baking scones to be served at the licensing.

The District Chair the Reverend Anne  Brown read the  Gospel reading John 21  v 15-19 and provided the setting for the reading. The Circuit was represented by the  Superintendent  the  Reverend  Rosemary  Fletcher  and Mr Ros Hancock, Senior Circuit  Steward.   Chris Hancock was leading the music for the worship.    Other Methodists there included the Reverend Peter and Mrs Celia Hudson.   There were many members of the clergy and laity from the Anglican parishes within the Bishops Hatfield Team Ministry and from Welwyn Garden City as well as members of Sue’s family and friends who had come to support her. We were encouraged to reflect on what we needed from God to enable us to tend and care for the sheep and lambs and what we ourselves could offer.  The sheep in the background illustrate our creative involvement in worship.  

JourneyLight services are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at Howe Dell Community Centre at 5.30pm.  Do come and join us.

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