St Albans and Welwyn Methodist Circuit

Christians Against Poverty

The Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Debt Centre, based at Panshanger Church is helping many of the seriously needy in our community find release from unmanageable debt – all done in Jesus’ name, but free for anyone regardless of their religion (or lack of) and background.

Thanks to a significant grant from the Methodist Connexional Grants Committee for the Mission Alongside the Poor Programme we are also looking forward to Phil Green joining us as new CAP Debt Centre Manager officially on April 3rd (following his licensing as a Debt Coach). He is already being a huge help to Linda Tatchell, current Centre Manager, as she visits clients and gets involved with our volunteer support team in cleaning, shopping, lunching, etc. 

Recently a team from 4 churches in WGC was involved in helping one of our lovely clients who was living in a flat unfit for human habitation – he had no heat, not a single working lightbulb, nothing working in the bathroom, not even the toilet. This chap is Cambridge educated and highly articulate, but once things get on top of someone it is easy for them to spiral out of control – and so hard to figure out where to start to get them sorted. We went in and cleaned a bit, enabling him to start some serious sorting. Then we went in and got to the point of a fully working bathroom (even had a plumber fix the flusher for free!) with new tiles to spruce it up (donated for free!), new furniture thanks to the generosity of someone through the charity Acts 435, and the beginnings of a proper home. This chap is so grateful for all that we have done and looks forward to being able to give back to society because we have helped him turn his life around. He has had no hot water for 8 years, no toilet for 3 years and no bed (slept on a filthy bit of carpet surrounded by junk) for 5 years! He is now actively engaged in weekday activities in a local church and enjoying his re-established home!

We also had a brilliant time at Christmas collecting, wrapping and distributing almost 50 hampers of gifts and Christmas goodies to CAP clients – these involved time and generosity from people from numerous churches across WGC.   We also welcomed client to special events to give these out where we, once again, were able to share God's love and truth in both words and actions.