St Albans and Welwyn Methodist Circuit

Quiet Service - Reflections on Light

"Let there be Light."


There are lots of resources available on the internet for personal reflection, especially during this time of absence from our church buildings.

So why write our own?

We regularly hold a Quiet Service once a month in "normal" times. So if this style of worship was important in those times it is perhaps even more so now. I find producing material far more helpful, personally, than using someone else's. So there is an element of satisfying my own needs in producing this material.

I also thought it would be helpful to have five short sections which can either be used one for each day during a week for daily quiet or alternatively they can be used all together to form a complete act of quiet worship.

Please use them as you find helpful replacing my prayers with your own as you feel the Holy Spirit move with you.

Light is a symbol used extensively in the Bible to represent God, faith and holiness.

Each day is illustrated with a different source of light. Each of these requires a power source to generate its light and each requires an action by us to make the light shine.

Each of these sources can be used to illuminate different aspects of our lives and our interaction with God within them.

As we follow God we are called to be his light in so many situations and like the lights we will use, we need to be activated in order to allow our light to shine. We need to be filled with the power of God for our light shine brightly and effectively.

To assist our reflection I have suggested a bible passage for each section but as I said earlier please feel free to use anything else that comes to mind or simply spend time in prayer.

I pray blessing on us all as we share these times with God.